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Why small businesses should master social media Marketing?

We clearly start our day running through our social accounts and getting updates. More than half of the population today (more than 4.59 billion) are active social media users.

Social media is every marketer's jackpot, where you can access vast audiences and make your brand visible. One myth that we need to break is that social media marketing is for large companies. This is the most effective option for startups and small businesses to bring brand awareness and connect with a close-knit community.

Now the question arises where social media marketing success depends on the number of followers. It’s a yes and no.

More followers do not necessarily mean more engagement. Exposure through social platforms seeks more communication and engagement from prospective customers.

Let us look at the reason why startups and small businesses should sail ahead in the social media marketing game.

Increasing brand awareness

As we have already said, almost half of the world is active on social media. So where can be a better place to place your brand?

Social platforms help small businesses to reach a large audience to provide customer services while making their presence known. Almost 83% of Instagram users have agreed that they find new brands through the ads on the platform.

Now that is one statistic you must not ignore. Let your audience talk about your creative approach and share it with their close ones.

Driving more website traffic

Social media has the power to build a face for your brand. The audience can engage with your product with the posts and understand your brand through your social accounts.

Most businesses give their Website URLs or blog links along with social media posts. This is a simple way to redirect your customers to the website and give them what they are looking for.

Bring unique content

While talking about driving people to your social platforms, you might also want to take special care about what type of content you promote.

Talk about what you believe in. Try to style your content in a conversational style so that your audience feels a personal touch through your brand.

Remember, it is them who need to be convinced.

Be consistent

Recent statistics show that on average we check our phone 344 times a day, which is once every 4 minutes! This is where you need to be consistent and stay on top of their minds.

Your content should be both informative and entertaining to keep the audience engaged. Current trends, statistics, fun facts, cool hacks, top market changes and much more can be added to boost interaction.

Know your customers better

It is not news to businesses already in social media that it is the best option to get an overview of what the customers are looking for.

Little survey questions, polls or pop-up quizzes about your brand are some ways to know what the audience like. For instance, platforms like Instagram collect data on consumer behaviour and their interests. Now you know when and where to invest in your business.

Key takeaways

Now that you know how important social media spaces are for boosting your brand awareness and performance, you must know how to play smart with them.

Being active in social media doesn't always mean being present everywhere- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, youtube and so on. Choose the platform that would be best for your business.

Pro tip: Don't follow whatever your competitors are doing. Never hesitate to build your own image and style to stand apart in the market.

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