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Why Apple’s marketing is better than others?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Having an iPhone or a Mac Book is a symbol of status and above all it makes you look cool. This is what Apple tries to create with its products. Their ideas and values blend into the customer’s expectations and you have a company that looks out for you.

Have you wondered how does a poster with a mono-colour background and bold letters appeal to the audience? How can plain ideas become creative? Let us look at some of their successful strategies that make their Marketing stand out.

Making simplicity an extravagant tool

Just like their logo, their brand marketing also follows a simple and minimalistic approach. We never find iPhone ads with decorative layouts or colourful designs. Their colours are minimal and the layout is as simple as it can be. The product is led by the confidence that the product talks for itself.

Source: Apple ads

With simple visuals come creative ideas. The brand uses simple words and a straightforward message as needed by the customers. They are the pro-one-liners.

Connecting with Clarity

Apple ads simplify their process of marketing by using clear messages that appeal to the audience. They say what the customers need to hear. Their ads usually carry a clear sentence that gives the product specification. The basic font and crisp words are the results of the same.

Source: Apple ads

The concise texts grab the attention of prospective buyers and strengthen their bond with reliable customers. Now, who doesn't like to have the whole message in a sentence?

Effective Product placement

Seeing a product being used on-screen creates a better impact on the audience. We usually see characters working on a Mac book or scrolling through their iPhones. The brand has succeeded in creating a different culture for itself and has effectively used its gadgets in Hollywood movies and television shows.

Creating a mystery around their product launches

Building hype around Apple’s product launch is what makes their product unique. Unless you are excited about the product, how can someone else be? Unlike other brands, Apple tries to give brief teasers on their next product, so that people can learn and gather as much information as possible. Unknowingly, we are drawn to the mystery and turn into loyal fans awaiting the next announcement from the trusted brand.

Apple: Think Different, is not just a motto to boost their product but a strong idea to follow for their success. What makes Apple different from their competitors? Nothing but their Marketing strategies. The brand has shown us how unique and pioneering plans can be adopted for creating trust among the people. Apple is known as a brand that creates and designs for the customers.

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