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Top 5 Digital Marketing trends in 2022 that you must know

While constantly swiping through Instagram stories, you come across a variety of ads and brand endorsements daily. The ever-increasing competition in the market is influencing marketing strategies. The digital players are in the top ranks due to their appeal and reach to a wider audience.

The pandemic has shifted businesses to online spaces. Now rather than waiting in long queues before billing counters, you order things online in a few clicks. Why would anyone take the trouble to get stuck in traffic when they can Zomato or Swiggy their food cravings then and there?

As a Digital marketer in 2022, you need to know what works well for the company and plan according to the upcoming changes that are going to hit the market. So here are some of the trends that you need to consider in 2022.

#1 Short videos on the roll

Do you realise how long you spend on reels? On a global average, the number comes to 53 minutes. Yes, that's right. With the increasing number of short videos coming up on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, people prefer to get information quickly.

Recent studies show that the average attention span of an individual has been reduced to 8 seconds. This means people are looking for more engaging content in less time. Brands are creating DIY, BTS and other personalised videos to share their story through various platforms. Instagram reels have proved to have 22% more engagement than other videos. Well, this brings Youtube to bring shorter videos like Youtube shorts to keep up with the trend.

So make your story short and sweet.

#2 Keep it Personal

The more you talk to them, the more they listen. When posting constantly keeps your customers updated about your brand, you must ensure that you are giving the right content. Identify which websites and brands the customers are engaging with and categorise their interests. Most of the websites provide a questionnaire while signing up. This means you already have the interest scale in your hand. Now you have to cater to those needs. For example, clothing brands usually send targeted emails to customers based on their age and preferences to draw their attention to the new collections.

#3 Influencer talks

Influencer marketing has been common and in line for the past few years. Brands let the influencer create a brand image and give a reliable tone to their message. A digital marketing survey has revealed that 90% of survey respondents agree that influencers bring an effective marketing strategy.

If confused about the right product to choose for your hair, you try to seek expert advice from people you trust. That's what influencers do for us. So let the right voice be heard and chosen by you.

#4 Welcoming the Metaverse

Changes are always ongoing over the internet and it is our responsibility to be prepared for the next shift. Metaverse would bring a virtual reality that exists always in real-time. It creates an immersive space and transforms the social media outlook in the coming years.

A few years back we wouldn’t have believed that we might be shopping and even buying groceries sitting in our home. Yet as e-commerce is on the rise, augmented or virtual reality will also become a part of our lives.

Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) might not affect your strategies now, but they are the next game changers in the economy in the coming years.

So be ready for the switch.

#5 Better Content. Better Catch.

Studying customer behaviour, analysing market changes, keeping an eye on social media trends and what not we do in order to push the brand to the forefront. Whatever research you conduct the end result depends on what you write for your brand. Content optimisation and SEO have been in the study for a long by marketers.

In most cases, the snippets that appear on the Google SERP influence the customer's interest to click on your website. If your intro is poor, then your voice remains unheard.

Well, write what you believe in and the listener will join you along.

To sum up

We have been hearing a lot about content marketing on digital platforms in recent years. The story that you share with your customer draws them to you. So good content plays a key role in helping you reach your target audience.

Keep updated on social media trends and keep your brand lively with the ever-changing needs of the audience. The only advice here is to shift your gear as the changes speed up.

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