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The Ministry of Education in the UAE offers a platform for 16 up-and-coming technology companies focused on education

Ministry of Education UAE
Ministry of Education UAE

The Minister of Education guides the UAE delegation at the Bett EdTech exhibition held in London.

Harnessing the swift advancements in technology is crucial for innovating solutions and uplifting the education sector, paving the way for future generations to excel across various domains. The UAE, in alignment with global changes, is dedicated to fostering innovation, encouraging creative ideas, and actively participating in major specialized events.

Led by His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, the UAE delegation participated in the Bett EdTech exhibition and conference at ExCeL London. Dr. Al Falasi met with the UAE Ambassador to the UK, exploring avenues to expand collaboration in the education sector. The Ministry's platform at BETT showcased 16 emerging UAE-based EdTech companies that collectively raised over 73 million dirhams, presenting innovative solutions to enhance the educational process and equip students for future success.

Dr. Al Falasi highlighted the Ministry's commitment to leveraging technological developments, emphasizing the goal of learning from global experiences and exchanging expertise. The initiative aimed to provide a platform for local EdTech startups to connect with international companies, showcasing their innovations and contributing to the development of the education sector.

During the exhibition, Dr. Al Falasi also engaged with Lord Kenneth Wilfred Baker, President of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, discussing the role of technology in education and emphasizing the importance of nurturing individual talents for academic and professional success.

BETT, a prominent global forum in education technology, brought together leaders, decision-makers, and over 600 technology companies. The UAE's active participation underscores its commitment to advancing education, showcasing leadership in technology, and fostering innovation on the global stage.

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