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Rising influence of social media in Marketing

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

“On an average, an adult spends 95 minutes per day on various social media platforms”.

If you have clicked on it to read this, then you probably have an account on one or more social media platforms. Daily we come across tons of articles and updates on social media usage and its benefits. We cannot deny the fact that the first thing that we do once we wake up in the morning is to check our social media accounts.

What are the updates on your favourite celebrity’s life? What are your friends doing on their Manali trip? When is Shawn’s new album released? The list goes on and on.

For the same reason, companies rely on social media platforms to promote and reach out to their target audience. As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion social media users in total across all platforms. The numbers are increasing as we read through these statistics.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and LinkedIn create a channel to engage the audience and assist companies to make their services visible. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and companies of different scales.

Let us evaluate the influence of some of the social media platforms today.

Recent surveys indicate that around 90% of companies use different social media platforms to increase their brand awareness and to bring more website traffic.


Facebook stands in the first position for digital marketing. A whopping 93% of companies use this platform for endorsing their services and drawing customers to their brand. Although the influence of Facebook has wavered due to privacy concerns, it still holds its position due to its timely content delivery.

It was reported that 1 in 3 adults depends on Facebook for news and other updates. Indeed they crossed 3 billion users in 2022.


Instagram holds its popularity among the younger generation. Instagram backs the second position among marketers, with 78% of users. The ongoing updates and trends in reels and insta stories keep our youth moving.

They also have a high engagement rate (83%), which is six times higher than Facebook. Not surprising. Instagram also crossed the 2 billion user mark in 2022.


Twitter is definitely our go-to space to find out the recent news, other's views and opinions, explore memes and be the centre of all discussions (especially Political). Twitter has attained around 436 million monthly users.

We also note that #DigitalMarketing is the leading hashtag in #ContentMarketing tweets.

The statistics for various other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok continue the trend of increase in social media usage for advertising and marketing. The rising usage of TikTok in the US market is also indicating a shift of GenZ's audience from Instagram to TikTok for content. Around 39% of consumers agree that their buying decisions depend on TikTok ads.

The above figures show us the changes in consumer behaviour and how marketing strategies are revised to meet the growing changes. Consumers today have agreed to invest their money in products that they come across on social media. Influencers and social media brand promotion also play a significant role in influencing customer choices.

Each time you scroll through an Instagram or Facebook ad, you are widening your choices. Social media has positioned itself as a blessing to most marketers and companies striving to make their voices heard and known among the larger crowd.

So don’t wait to create your innovative digital space for your company and overlook your Omni channels efficiently.

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