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How do companies top the market with Brand positioning?

Brand identity is the essence that connects your brand with the consumers. So how can you differentiate yourself from the competitors? The simple answer is Brand Positioning. Brand positioning is labelling and differentiating your brand which makes it visible to your audience.

In the growing market, there might be products that have features similar to you or almost the same. Now the work lies in how you can create an image for your brand that allows you to stand out.

For instance, when you go shopping, without knowing, you turn to your favourite brand because you have been loyal to them for a long while and now they have our trust. This is what brand positioning does to people. They connect to us through our emotions and values and appeal to our needs.

Let us now go through some of the top brands and see why their brand positioning worked.


Amazon has undoubtedly become the one-stop solution for every consumer. As their logo clearly shows, they sell everything from A to Z. other ventures like Amazon Prime have also stood out in the OTT era.

What were their key tools:

  • Customer-centred e-commerce

  • Cost-effective shopping

  • Accessibility and easy navigation through the products

  • Courage to take on challenges and new routes have made them the pioneers


Who would have believed it if you were told that you can watch movies and shows anywhere you go as well as on different screens in the same house? Netflix’s tagline Movie enjoyment made easy, answers it all. With the advent of the platform, users could watch their favourite shows and movies with their own ease.

What were their key tools:

  • Consumer understanding and audience preference research helped them reach the top

  • With better understanding came better content creation. Netflix Originals stood to its hype for the basic reason of knowing the user better.

  • Super personalised accounts for the users

  • Streaming is made accessible and available on multiple devices, which increases viewing rates. Now watch your shows even on your smartphone, anywhere you like.


Who doesn't like to have a coke, or burger and hang around with friends? That’s how Coca-cola has branded itself. They have appealed to the emotions of young people and positioned themselves as a symbol of happiness and friendship. They have been in the market for more than 125 years and still stand ahead with their youthful essence.

What were their key tools:

  • Emotional bonding with the target audience

  • Maintaining the high-quality

  • Became a part of our joyful occasions and gatherings


There are an array of choices for beauty brands and soaps in the market. So how can you choose the one that is different and unique? Dove has braided itself as a beauty soap for enhancing the natural beauty of all women. They highlighted the self-confidence and beauty of all women, bringing women from all walks of life as their models. The ‘real beauty campaign’ of 2003 supported this idea. They promoted self-acceptance and the need to flaunt your flaws.

What were their key tools:

  • Supported women empowering values over traditional beauty standards

  • Breaking out of the unnatural image of perfect skin and rejecting any digital distortion in their ads

  • Endorse positive body image for women of all ages

  • High-quality product that consumers trusted


Apple has shown us the power of innovativeness and simplicity. It is rightly said that “only an Apple can beat an Apple”. The brand’s focus has always been the consumers. For instance, look at their ads or social media posts. The centre light is on how the consumer is using the product or how they view the brand. That's exactly why iPhones and pads set a class apart in the market.

What were their key tools:

  • Customer's needs stand above everything

  • Simplicity and bold words mark their brand image

  • User privacy is regarded as high. Apps and sites that don't follow the suit are banned from Apple devices

  • Luxury and class in quality and technology


As we go through the brand positioning values of top companies, we understand that customer-centric value forms the basis of most brands. Compliance with the consumer’s needs and effectively connecting with them is what is needed.

Talking to them and having an emotional bond and trust works well for most brands. We have listed some of the leading brand positions and the list goes on. So know your competitors before you endorse your brand image. Find the slight differences that can position your products better in the market and build on those values.

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