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Cool websites you wish you had known earlier (part 2)

We can agree that there is so much over the web that we are unaware of. So we are here to let you know some of the cool and useful websites out there.

Check out part 1 on our website.

If you are looking for inspiration for your mail campaigns, Goodsalesemail lets you browse through successful mail campaigns of top companies.

Muzli is an awesome Browser plugin and mobile app that helps you draw inspiration from a variety of sources like Dribble, Mashable, TechCrunch and 150 other sites. You can find a multitude of website designs, illustration ideas, logo designs and much more in one hub spot.

Do you ever come across creative fonts in a website or Insta stories which you don't know? What the Font helps you find out cool fonts with a click. You can upload the image and click the text to find out the font from a collection of 1,33,000 styles. It can also work for multiple fonts in a single picture.

With cleanpng, you can get unlimited high-quality and free png downloads without background. Now that’s a life-saver for designers.

Dictation is a must-know for those tired of typing their emails or articles. This website allows you to generate written material by voice-launching the content in real-time. The transcription is very accurate on the words, even emojis and punctuations.

This is nothing short of a blessing. You can create flowcharts, reports, slides, posters and any type of infographic for social media and blogs. A real lifesaver.

Save the post for later use and enjoy the awesome website experience. Share it with someone who might be interested and surprise them with the tricks.


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