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Amazing websites you wish you had known earlier (part 1)

We all are on the lookout for tips, tricks or hacks that could make our life much easier. Well, the digital space is filled with such websites that could bring accessibility and cut short your time.

We might not be able to cover all that is available over the net. So here we bring to you some useful websites that you can save for later use.

Automated templates, edits and Background removers are becoming a quick hack for designers and for anyone posting over social platforms. So here we have Unscreen which allows you to remove the background from video clips or GIFs in mere seconds.

Why not try this for your next Instagram post?

If you are an Android user and wondering if sharing files could be as easy as an Airdrop, here is the website for you. Oen snapdrop both in your Laptop and mobile, the devices get connected automatically. Now you can send and download files in a jiffy.

Now, this is a one-stop for building or creating anything from home decor to a science project. This website contains instructions for building more than anything and gives you the option to upload your projects.

Looking to make a cool brand logo and style? Here is what you need. Brandmark lets you create cool logos, aesthetic social media posts, business cards, app icons etc. for your professional website. Just enter your company name and suggestive taglines and choose from the mind-blowing templates.

We know that video content has a better reach than page-length written content. Lumen5 helps you convert any form of content (blogs, articles etc.) into videos. You can choose from a variety of cool templates and start making your videos.

Stay tuned for more awesome hacks and website findings. Until then, try out the new finds.

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