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7 Social media content ideas to try

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Social media has been stealing the limelight in recent years with companies switching to online platforms for driving more leads to their company. Also, note that people come to social media for relaxing and connecting with their loved ones. So how can you bring your branding strategies into these spaces?

Your content is your ace. Planning a creative social media feed will get your audience to talk about you and bring traffic to the site. Here, we give you some creative content ideas to try and collaborate for your company.

1. Make it short, make them read

Will you willingly scroll and swipe through large chunks of texts?

Well, we wouldn’t stay unless it is written for us by an old friend. Social media is a fast medium, so people expect it to engage and divert them in seconds. Do not forget to bring your craziest and most innovative title ideas. People usually click on bizarre ideas to know more about them.

So keep it crisp to make them read.

2. Next Giveaway

We definitely love free stuff and doing things for that is even more fun. Follow a page, tag someone and share pictures of your story. This will definitely pull you to the brand and also give free promotion to everyone you know.

Now that’s worth a shot. Free goodies for them and free advertisement for you.

3. Let the influencer talk

Letting the space open for collaboration is never going to be outdated. The more reliable the person, the better. The influencer can have a huge follower base or a small follower list with high trust. Either way, it works for you.

If you are a clothing brand for women, you can bring people’s celebrities for a photo shoot with your brand. Let them introduce your brand through their page as well. Now building a trust base is what we all are looking for.

4, Talk about what is relevant

There might be content, pictures, and videos, that are already trending on youtube or Facebook. If everybody is talking about it, then why are you not? Try to bring those stories and news to your feed to keep up with the current happenings. This need not be related to your brand and service per se.

You can also post things that are already there on the net related to your field. As a social media marketer, you need to keep your eyes open and never miss an update or trend. Always bring fresh content to your feed.

5. Add memes

Memes are a fun way to let your audience know your casual and easy tone. Let the audience feel comfortable when they see trending meme formats and recent series characters on your page. Giving a good laugh and entertaining your viewer is going to work for sure.

6. BTS for the win

Whenever you see a reel or a fantastic photoshoot on the streets, you would think about how they did it. Spilling some snippets of behind the scenes can bring them to see more and give a much more personal touch. Let them know how long it took to set up the backdrop for a photo shoot or how you made the room ready to look like a book store. All this is engaging and we humans will love something extra.

7. Tell them what you like

The recent top selects from Netflix series that you found interesting.

The top songs of Ariana Grande in the past year.

The best book we read this month.

Tell them whatever you found interesting. Giving a personal touch would make them feel at ease. Talk to them like a friend. Make them laugh, make them think and give them what they like.

Writing for social media is a prerequisite for everyone trying to build a community in the online space. Words and images talk today. People expect vibrancy, photos, videos, and exciting news all day long. Now you know some of the strategies to adopt for your social media calendar next month. Do not hesitate to add more to the list and make your page lively.

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